About Us

Based in Central Missouri, Lucky Snipe is a family-owned business that was formed to teach our children about entrepreneurship and showcase our love of the great outdoors. We carry a wide variety of products (many of which are made right here in Missouri!) for hunting, fishing, birding, camping, boating, relaxing and otherwise just enjoying all that nature has to offer. And we've got the outdoor cooking covered too, with our versatile "Hoppin' Habanero" wing sauce and our original line of BBQ sauces. Lucky Snipe teamed up with Larry the Cable Guy to give some old family recipes new life as the "Lord, I Apologize" line of BBQ Sauces. We guarantee that you've never tasted BBQ sauces quite like these, and no matter your preference, we've got a sauce for you - from sweet to tangy, from smoky to just the right amount of heat. A portion of the proceeds from the sales of the “Lord, I Apologize” BBQ Sauces are donated to the Git-R-Done Foundation, in support of a variety of children's and veterans causes.


COMING SOON! Check out our photo gallery of Lucky Snipe's owners and their families enjoying the great outdoors!