"Bag It"

We've all been there, the night before the hunt. We are all telling our best story, as closely as we can remember it. Maybe it wasn't 12 feet tall ... maybe it wasn't even a bear, but boy is this a good one.

Then it happens, the rookie emerges. What? This is your first time? Well 'rook' do I have a treat for you! See out there in those woods is the most elusive animal known to man, the snipe!! Now we are going to walk down into the woods and you're going to stand in the darkest spot we can find and hold this bag. Then we are going to go flush those little critters right to you. They are as hard as the dickens to find so it might take awhile. Just. Wait. Right. There.

When it's about the huntin', and it's about the story tellin' you've found the right place. We bring people together so the huntin' gets a little better, but the stories are World Class!

Lucky Snipe
'Bag It'