Pro Staff

The Lucky Snipe Pro Staff consists of leaders from many aspects across the hunting and fishing industry.  Our Pro Staffers are industry business executives, field experts and product innovators. Outdoor enthusiasts helping outdoor enthusiasts, it's all we do.

Mark Millis aka "Uncle Millie"


From the day he was born, Millis has had a passion for the outdoors, and his abilities come naturally.  He was the youngest archer to win an event in the youth division (at the tender age of 7) and has taken top gun in several shooting competitions.  From hunting large, dangerous game to walking farm fields in pursuit of rabbits; from saltwater fish to freshwater panfish, not a day goes by without Millis having his hands on something. His love for the outdoors comes full circle with his artful cooking abilities, and he is the man behind the "Uncle Millie's" food product line.  He has been featured as an on-camera personality for Deer City USA and Outdoor America, and is honored to serve as a Cabela's Pro Staff Ambassador and the face of the Garden State Outdoor Sports Show & the Chicago Outdoor Sports Show.  Millis also shares his love of the outdoors with the next generation by participating in a variety of hunting and fishing programs for kids.   Family, friends, The Man Upstairs, good homemade cooking, fishing, hunting, accurate rifles, his deadly Excalibur Crossbow, a smooth trigger pull, crystal clear cross-hairs, REAL motorcycles (Harley Davidson) and grape soda are all part of the equation that makes Millis complete.

Derek Pletcher

Derek-Pletcher-Lucky-Snipe-ProstaffDerek is a lifelong resident of Kansas and an avid outdoorsman. Whether it’s pond-hopping for bass and catfish, chasing pheasants, calling turkeys, or taking up his recurve bow for some of the best whitetail deer hunting in the country, he’s always happy in the field. Along the path of his outdoor experiences, Derek decided to create his own line of camouflage, and Shaman Camo soon became a reality. The company currently offers two of the most unique and effective patterns on the market… DeadFall and Grassland. Derek considers the outdoors God’s Grand Cathedral… and as-such, he’s thankful for every day spent afield. He looks forward to sharing his knowledge and experience with his beautiful family, friends, and just about anyone else who cares to listen.

Kory & Chelsea Cribb

Kory & Chelsea @ Falling Feathers Game Calls

Kory and Chelsea Cribb are high school sweethearts and have now been married for two years. Kory has been an avid hunter his entire life, and, according to his father, his love for hunting began as soon as he was potty-trained. Kory began competing in duck-calling competitions when he was a teenager, which precipitated his love for waterfowl. Chelsea was raised in a household that primarily hunted deer and turkey, but after Kory introduced her to waterfowl hunting, her passion mirrored his. The couple now based their lives around their shared passion.

Kory is on Pro Staff for Hard Core Decoys,, and Beretta. He also competes in duck call competitions, and, on one occasion, Mike Keller of Big Guys Best taught him how to blow a call on stage. Kory and Chelsea launched their Falling Feathers call making business in 2009 while also attending college and working full-time. Since launching their business, they have been grouped with Fallen Mallard Farms, worked as Pro Staff for companies such as HardCore Decoys and Beretta, and traveled the country promoting their own products. Their goal is to make a living doing what they love most, which is waterfowl hunting. All or Nothing!

The Lucky Snipe Pro Staff consists of leaders from many aspects across the hunting and fishing industry. Our Pro Staffers are industry business executives, field experts and product innovators. Hunters helping hunters, it's all we do.

Huston Force

Huston Force Lucky Snipe ProstaffHuston Force is the inspiration for starting Lucky Snipe. Just after his ninth birthday, Huston started making and selling paracord bracelets, and he could barely keep up with the demand from his friends. His parents decided he was onto something, so he added his products to Lucky Snipe and has been a top seller ever since. Given his love for the outdoors and his entrepreneurial spirit, Huston was a shoe-in for the Lucky Snipe Pro Staff. He shot his first deer when he was 8 years old and has killed two trophy bucks since then. Huston constantly looks forward to the family’s Annual Deer Camp. He is active in his church youth group and 4-H, and he participates in a variety of sports, including swim team, football, baseball and basketball. Huston’s greatest passion is raising and caring for all of his farm animals. His favorite subject in school is math, and his favorite TV show is Duck Dynasty. In his spare time, Huston enjoys reading, hunting, fishing and exploring the family farm.