Whup-A-Bug Testimonials

Tips from Toby Whup a Bug!

Louisiana, USA

I was quite apprehensive to try Whup-A-Bug at first. I’m used to the popular products such as OFF insect repellent or DEET, and they do work. But I was surprised with the gentleness of your product on mine and my daughter’s skin. Whup-A-Bug seems to be made for sensitive skin. The other products seem to burn when applied and your skin hot. Carl, I own a camp environment in the marshes of Louisiana that has mosquito’s like you’ve never seen them before. At times, literally the mosquitoes are on your clothing. Sometimes you simply can’t bear them. It is quite uncomfortable. Your product worked beautifully under extreme conditions. I highly recommend it. Well done!

Preston Miller - Owner, Goose Hill Camp
Nigeria, Africa

Recently, myself, my wife and two of our adolescent children were guests at a native marriage ceremony in a remote village in EDO State of Nigeria. Since this normally holds at night we went armed with a solid stick of Whup-A-Bug which we applied to those areas of our body that was not covered by clothing. It was really comical to watch the way people were slapping and almost beating themselves up just to ward off mosquitoes while we sat in relative calm. This really is a wonderful product.

Mac-Maurice, A.J.
Belize, Central America

When going to a field study course in Belize Central America I was given a stick of Whup-A-Bug to use while in the jungle and after the first day found it worked exceptionally well, but that is just the start. When entering the camp after the first day of study, all around me were people scratching and full of mosquito bites, while I was relatively unscathed, considering my group was in the most mosquito infested area of the site. The mosquitoes were only one concern of the jungle but of all the students in the field school, I was the least one bit.

There were many types of bug repellents being used and many were DEET based products, and this is when Whup-A-Bug helped the most In the local jungles there is a type of fly that is called the Doctor fly that when you are bitten it will inject a local freezing to the site usually at the joints of the hands and feet turning the site black and blue. This local fly is attracted to DEET so much that the people who attempted to use DEET products found themselves in a lot of pain with one person having to drop out of the field school due to his reaction. With the DEET product being banned it didn’t take long that this one stick found its way around the other suffering students. It is great!

Cameron Vanderway - Calgary Canada
Wake Forest, North Carolina, USA

I was introduced to your product in the Delta Region of Nigeria, where I work for an international oil company. After using it with fantastic results, I obtained some for the use at my US residence in Wake Forest, NC. Not only is your product Whup-A-Bug superb in keeping those pesky little critters like mosquitoes and gnats from eating one alive, but it also works great in keeping some other nasty insects at bay.

In North Carolina spiders are quite the pest, building webs on just about every eave, soffit, door and corner of the exterior of a house. One only has to inadvertently walk into an unseen web once to realize how distressing this can be. I tried spraying some Whup-A-Bug around the exterior of the door frames and also on the legs and inside of a canvas canopy I have on my deck. Viola Spiders immediately vacated the area and stayed away for weeks on end. Didn’t stain the paint or canopy either.

Now I can enjoy activities out on the deck without having to worry about walking into webs anymore. Great Stuff!

Arden Thomas
Woodland Hills, California, USA

Hi! I appreciate your good faith in sending this out right away. I haven’t used this myself yet but I sprayed it around my always opened patio door and a cricket went flying out the door! We are constantly bothered by singing crickets inside the apartment all night long.

Looking forward to peaceful nights ahead. Thank you!!

Jennifer Lewis
Tower, MN, USA

I actually went in search of an "all-natural" bug repellent for our vacation, as we have a 21 month old little boy who I hate to put any type of chemicals on him. I even hate to use a "sensitive skin" sun screen on him, as even the baby screens cause an allergic reaction. So when I saw your product on Ebay I decided to give it a try. After I saw how great it worked on the adults, I tried it on him and it was fantastic, no allergic reaction what so ever.

We were vacationing with several family member, who also have children and they saw how effective it was. We decided to order several more bottles. You have a great product.

This is the BEST insect deterrent I’ve ever used. We’ve been vacationing in northern Minnesota for the last two weeks and were using Cutter Deep Woods, sport formula with 25% DEET. Well it kept the mosquitoes away but it seemed the flies were attracted to the scent! Anyway, when the Whup-A-Bug arrived we started using it and the flies totally disappeared! I love this stuff and just decided to bring the extra bottles home with me. Thanks again.

Hannah Peil
Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA

After returning to my home in Lake Charles, LA. We had a massive amount of saltwater marsh mosquitoes in the area, due to hurricane "Rita". They are known as being very aggressive. I had purchased your product Whup-A-Bug previously and used it extensively upon my return home. I have a camp that had incurred damage from the hurricane and had to make repairs. I used the product with excellent results. With other products, I usually have a burning sensation on my skin when I perspire but not with this product. I would recommend this product highly and it also has a pleasant citrus odor.

G. Moore
Kilgore, Texas, USA

I am a product of the North East Texas area, which is known for mild winters, good fishing, mosquitoes and fire ants. Over the last several years we have been having a lot of trouble with mosquitoes/fire ants’ stings on the smaller kids in our family. We are an outdoor family with room to ride 4 wheelers and horses on almost a daily basis during the summer. On a normal day during the late summer afternoon my twin girls were complaining of the mosquitoes biting them on the feet while they were wearing sandals in the grassy areas of the back yard. We had tries several times to get rid of the mosquitoes and ants but they always move back into the backyard given enough time.

My wife told me she had sprayed the area a few weeks before but I guess the mosquitoes and ants were back because we hadn’t had any rain in a while and the pool water must have been attracting them to the area. I remembered I had ordered some of your Whup-A-Bug solid stick for hunting last winter for keeping mosquitoes away. So I went into the house and brought out the Whup-A-Bug solid stick and rubbed it on their feet. Later that night I had forgotten about the mosquitoes and the ant bites until my girls told me that after I put the solid stick on their feet they didn’t have any more problems with the insects for the rest of the night and that they like the way it smelled.

A few days later while working a few horses in the corrals I noticed a couple of them were stomping their feet like something was bothering them. After checking their legs, I found that they must have been bitten by either fire ants or horse flies around their hoofs during the night and they were agitated. Most likely the ants were attracted to the sweet feed that was being fed to a couple of the horses. I remembered the problems we had with mosquitoes and ants with my kids so I went to my 4 wheelers backpack and took out the solid stick of Whup-A-Bug I catty for hunting and rubbed it on the horse’s hoofs, legs, chest and back and neck areas. I watched the horses for the rest of the afternoon and noticed they weren’t having as much trouble with flies and their hoof areas cleared up in a couple of days.

Nigeria, Africa

The efficacy of Whup-A-Bug cannot be over flogged.

I was at an event which kicked off late in the evening in a small town here in Nigeria and was on for most of the night. My wife and I had rubbed on some Whup-A-Bug. The first reaction from people around us was their comment on the gentle sweet aroma they were perceiving. The second was our relative peace, as the night wore on, while others were preoccupied fighting off mosquitoes.

One interesting fact about Whup-A-Bug is the long lasting effectiveness. I still use some that I got over six years ago and it's great.

I wish to thank you for your contribution to humanity more so that it is DEET free.

Mac Maurice
Lee, Florida, USA

I received my order today and I was very happy with the quick shipping. I saw this product on RFD-TV and decided to try it out of frustration of products not working or not for long.  I had a goat that I rescued and found out that she was pregnant later on.  She just had her kid overnight and my order was delivered today. I immediately went out to the barn. The goat had flies all around and on her. Florida went right to summer, skipped spring and the flies and gnats are already horrible. I sprayed her and the flies mostly stayed away, but the couple that did land on her flew right off.  Thank you for selling a product that works. I haven't tried it on my horses and gone out on a trail ride to see how long it lasts but I am impressed already…I will be a lifetime customers for my livestock, dogs, cats and us humans.

E. Langsdorf
Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Yesterday was the true test to Whup-a-Bug's effectiveness against the Oak itch mite.  Due to the serious reaction I had 2 weeks ago, I had been dreading the task of preparing our many Tropical Plants and bringing them in for the winter.  This job takes hours and the Tropicals are all under the canopy of the huge Pin Oak in our back yard.  Armed with Whup-a-Bug all over me before I dressed in long pants, long sleeve shirt, boots, gloves and a wide rimmed hat, I am happy to report that I did not get even 1 bite from the Oak Mites.

V. Ferguson