KoolerGel Ice Extender Packets

This innovative new product is a MUST-HAVE for your spring fishing trip, summer camping and float trips, and those warm season hunts.  KoolerGel is a patented formula that lasts up to 50% longer than conventional ice.  Simply combine gel packet with water and freeze, then use in any cooler to maintain proper temperatures. One package makes at least SIX 2-liter bottles.  (Bottles not included.)

- Non-toxic, non-hazardous, environmentally safe

- Scientifically-formulated and developed

- Reusable and re-freezable

 Check out these videos of the KoolerGel products in use!  

www.us1.tv/134/116 www.us1.tv/134/114 www.us1.tv/134/113 www.us1.tv/134/115

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